To trade online on this platform it is mandatory to register yourself.
To Register yourself on Globozor.com you need to be an active Importer or Exporter
1. Click Forgot Password on the Sign In page.
2. Fill in your account email, slide to the right side and submit.
3. You will have to verify your account first by one of below methods:
    By Email Verification or
    By Phone Verification.
1. Please make sure you have entered the correct registered email address and password.
2. As the password is case sensitive, please check if Caps Lock on your keyboard is on.
3. Please make sure you don't enter blank spaces before and after your password.
4. Please change your browser.
5. Please delete the cookies in your computer.
6. You can also try to retrieve your password to see if a new password can resolve the sign-in issue.
In order to well help you get back your account, please connect with our customer service team.
1.Make sure you have clicked the "Get verification code” button on identity verification page to get verification code.
2.The SMS code may take up to 10 minutes to arrive(depending on your local mobile operator), please do not repeat clicking the verification button.
3. Network anomalies may cause loss of messages, please re-submit request or try again later with different browsers or with browser cookies cleared.
4. Please check if your mobile phone is out of service or blocking our messages or message inbox is full.
5. You may also want to try to move your SIM card to another mobile phone and try again.
1. Delete your browser’s cookies and refresh your sign-in page.
2. Or try again using other browsers.
3. Or try again with different Internet environment
4. If this issue still can't be resolved, please contact our customer service team
You can either Sign out from your respective dashboards or click on the Sign out button on home page.
If you remember your password, please take the following steps to change it to your new email address by yourself: Sign into your Account and click change email address.
Your username is a unique name which you created while creating your account at Globozor.With the help of this username you can Sign in into your account. Note: This name won't be displayed anywhere.
To secure your account, we would not advise you to share the account with others.
Yes, you need two different accounts for Buyer and supplier.
1.Search for the products you want on globozor.com and find the product.You can also post an RFQ to find supplier. The matched supplier may send you quotation directly.
We provide you a contract agreement, where all the details about buyer, supplier and transaction between them shall be mentioned.
We have both free and paid membership for our buyers and sellers.To look into what are the features offered in paid membership kindly read about supplier Membership.
There can be two main reasons for your product to not have been approved. 1. The product may have been under verification process by our Admin or
2. If the product has been rejected by Admin an email stating the reasons will be sent to your regestired email address.
Unit price is product price per unit.It is set by supplier and may vary depending on the quantity of product.
Sorry to hear that you still have not received your order. First, we would suggest you to contact your supplier to confirm the tracking information. If your supplier is completely unresponsive, then submit your case to us online at info@globozor.com
Since this is an International trade, you have to pay your order before shipment of the product.
Kindly contact the supplier first to see if you can reach an agreement with them. If there is no response from them or there is no agreement reached, you can submit a dispute.
Yes, a supplier can also leave a feedback on buyer after the order gets completed.