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About Globozor International

We prioritize quality and safety at every stage of our operations. Our ISO 22000-2018 GVCS and HALAL certification ensures that our products meet the highest standards of food safety and adhere to the strictest of quality requirements.

Further, our USFDA, FFRMS, REX and GMP registrations underscore our commitment to delivering products that meet international standards and provide customers with peace of mind regarding their product quality.

Towards a Sustainable Tomorrow

Defining Our Journey

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Corporate Goal

Create long term value by serving our client, taking appropriate risks & leveraging our capabilities & strategic growth.

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Strategic Vision

Deliver substantially more value than the competition by reinventing the quality of commodities in global world.

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Operating Principles

  • Put the customer at the centre of all our actions.
  • Use consumer insights, data and needs to generate growth.
  • Execute well-considered decisions with precision and speed.

Supply Chain Management Process

Our supply chain management is a seamless orchestration, ensuring efficiency from farm to global markets. We prioritize transparency, traceability, and reliability for a robust and agile process.


Sourcing and Harvesting

Identify reliable farms and growers. Coordinate harvesting schedules to meet export demands.


Processing and Packaging

Ensure efficient processing facilities. Implement quality control in packaging for international standards.


Export Logistics

Plan and manage transportation for timely export.Coordinate with customs and regulatory authorities.


International Distribution

Collaborate with global distributors. Implement traceability measures for quality assurance.

Infrastructure and Facilities

At Globozor, our infrastructure is a cornerstone of efficiency and excellence in agro-export. Our state-of-the-art facilities encompass advanced processing units, quality control laboratories, and strategic distribution centres.

With cutting-edge technology and adherence to international standards, we ensure that our agro-based products maintain their premium quality from cultivation to global delivery. Globozor's robust infrastructure is designed to meet the demands of a dynamic and sustainable agro-trade landscape.

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  • Sustainability

    At Globozor, sustainability is not just a practice; it's our commitment. We prioritize eco-friendly processes for a greener, sustainable agro-trade future.

  • Eco-friendly

    From sustainable sourcing to recyclable packaging, our commitment to the environment is woven into every aspect of our agro-based products.

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